J.B.O. – 11

Label:  AFM Records  Playing Time: 46 min   Release. 08.07.2016


For a German it is quite easy to consume a J.B.O. album. But due to the humor in the German lyrics, it is quite difficult to evaluate it objectively. So I ask myself, how would someone evaluate this album who does not understand its lyrics.

The answer is quite disillusioning: The riffs are average. The songs are quite simply arranged and one-dimensional. A reason for that is for example the missing leads in most songs. So all in all, most stuff is well-played, but also pretty average.

In the past, there have been nice cover versions of Metal classics. But, when I interpreted everything right, there are no songs based on Metal originals this time. Instead there are some covers of silly German songs, whose originals are already boring. So after all, there are only the funny ‘Panzerdance’, ‘Wir lassen uns das Blödeln nicht verbieten’ and ‘Nur 5 Minuten’, which are well-done. Moreover, the sterile production does not make it better at all.

  • 5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 5/10

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