Foghorn Lonesome: Foghorn Lonesome

Release date: already released   Label: self-released

Foghorn Lonesome is a one-man-band, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Responsible for the catchy, emotional Darkwave/Gothic sound is Eric Sparkwood, who put his heart and soul into this album. For many years, he and producer Tomas Rosenberg worked together on the album and just a short while ago, Sparkwood self-released it. The most unusual thing about it: you can download it for free but you can also buy it on iTunes and Co.

I listened to the songs for the first time already a while ago and I remember, they immediately spoke to me, they were very special for me. It’s very rare that an artist, especially from the Darkwave/Gothic genre, is able to get me emotionally as Foghorn Lonesome did. This artist is able to put his innermost into his songs and performs them with such heartache and emotion that I have goose skin from beginning to the end. Often, his lyrics are about love, the painful kind that you still long for. Among the thirteen songs are also a few upbeat pieces, which you can dance to, but also here, the lyrics are heartbreaking. In particular, the partly Swedish-sung “Winter Blue” goes under your skin. One doesn’t need to understand every word to feel it means. The numerous background vocals accentuate Sparkwood’s dark voice and give the songs a certain lightness but also depth. This album captivates the listener and takes him to another dimension; it gives him the feeling he is not alone with his broken heart.

For me, Foghorn Lonesome is by FAR the best Darkwave/Gothic release in years, if not even the best release in years at all. Be sure not to miss it. I salute the artist; he clearly has talent that is not to be wasted. From start to finish, a perfect album with a lot of depth.


  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

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