Bender – Bottom Line

Label: Radar  Release: 23.10.2015

Already Bender’s release concept is worth mentioning. Hailing from Karlsruhe, Germany, the band sell their first album “Bottom Line” on their own website ( There, everyone can choose how much the album is worth to him/her and set the price to pay. The album comes with a hand-painted bottom line on the cover and a number on the inside. That’s already a pretty cool idea and sets the band apart from many others. But also musically, Bender reveal a certain uniqueness. Well at least, you wouldn’t expect a German band to play this kind of music. Their mix of US-American style Hardrock & Bluesrock, with other influences, is worth listening to and easily competes with the US masters of these genres. From time to time, you can hear they are not a band from overseas. But it’s obvious that these guys live for their music with heart and soul. Going into detail with every song would go beyond the scope of this review. But this much can be said: Bender is a band you have to listen to yourselves; it’s music you have to experience. On “Bottom Line”, everything fits together perfectly and you will remember every single note. It’s a great record, for which one can easily spend a few euros more.

  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

Sandy Mahrer

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