Thunderstone: Apocalypse Again

Release: 01.04.2016  Label: AFM Records

Thunderstone are back! And in exactly the way they should be. After singer Pasi Rantanen left the band in 2007, the Finns’ career proceeded rather quietly. In 2009, they recorded an album titled “Dirt Metal” with Rick Altzi, which was good. But, one always had the feeling that something was missing in the band. Thus, it was no surprise that in the past seven years, Thunderstone almost sank into oblivion. Luckily, they now returned as awesome and great as they once were at the very beginning. The missing piece (Pasi Rantanen) is back in the band and it finally fits again. The vocalist gives the songs back exactly that uniqueness they lacked. Nino Laurenne is a great songwriter, there’s no doubt about it, but quite a large part of Thunderstone’s charm certainly lay in Pasanen’s unmistakable, distinctive voice. The band’s new album “Apocalypse Again” contains the typical, catchy metal songs one knows from the guys. There are great guitar sounds, combined with memorable lyrics and infectious melodies en masse. On drums, there was another change. Mirka Rantanen was replaced by Atte Palokangas, who also did a great job. There’s no point in telling you, which song I like the most on the album. All nine songs are simply PERFECT! From beginning to the end, this is an excellent achievement. What’s meant to be together is finally back together again. Thank you, Pasi, for coming back, you put the Thunder to the Stone!

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

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