Human Fortress – Thieves of the Night

Label: AFM Records  Release: 25th March 2016  Playing time: 55 Min  


Although Human Fortress have already released their 5th album and they had created a sensation in the underground, they did not have their breakthrough yet.  As they have had some great albums in recent history  (I rated „Eternal Empire“ from 2008 with a 10 out of 10!), the reason for this should be assigned to a certain lack of live presence and also to numerous line up changes.

I cannot foresee if they will have their breakthrough with “Thieves of the Night”, but they have the right album ready for it (once again). It starts quite splendidly: ‚Amberstow‘, ‚Last Prayer of the Lord‘, ‚Rise or Fall‘ and ‚Thieves of the Night‘ are all fantastic songs. Riffs, melodies, choruses and diversity – it all fits together. The level of the following stuff is set a little bit lower, though (the choruses in particular are not as catchy as before) – but Human Fortress are still far away from writing a bad song. It is nice how they try to keep up the diversity by using different paces and also by adding some orchestral parts without becoming too cheesy. As I said before, “Thieves of the Night” could be the right album for a breakthrough!


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  • 8/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 8/10

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