Wayna Picchu: Muchachita

Fump-Records / Tap_Water Records, already released

Peruvian Folk – for the average German listener this is the stiff you see in the shopping areas of bigger cities where people in colourful clothing play “El Condor Pasa” on panpipes to background music from a Ghettoblaster. Wayna Picchu, named after the Peruvian mountain where old Inca settlements were discovered, have set out to prove that Peruvian Folk is a lot more than we might expect. Apart from drums, bass and guitar they are using typical Latin American instruments like panpipe, charango and timbales. So far- so normal. Yet the combination of these instruments sets the music of the four Peruvians and two Germans apart from the rest.

Music in languages I do not understand is always a bit difficult for me, because I like listening to interesting lyrics. If the music somehow manages to draw me in anyway, the voice just becomes an additional instrument in the mix and I can enjoy all of it. Wayna Picchu take me along on a musical journey that leaves me with happy as well as melancholic impressions. For me this is background music, but the good kind. It’s varied enough not to get boring and it’s not so intrusive that it would interrupt a good chat with a good glass of wine. If you like, you can listen closely and enjoy the performance or you can just let yourself be carried away without worrying where the music may take you. It is for sure a nice place.

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

Stefanie Oepen

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