Keoma – Synthesis

Label: Macaroni Penguin Music      release: February 2016

Those Finns have given us an interview already – and I have mentioned before how good this band is on a live stage, therefore there’s not more to say about the full length debut but BUY IT.

Well, maybe let’s add a few lines:

The opener Bloodstar represents perfectly what I like about this act – Prog-Rock/Alternative Metal with power and punch but still so damned catchy. Seductive melodies delivered by a singer with a range from ”heroic-hights” to evil growls, and yes, he can pull it off live too. Gooseflesh.

Variety, the full scale from dreamy (River Blue), Blade-Runner-spacey (title track) to epic (Red Origon); Hardrock with a Jon-Lord-organ sound as well as in-your-face-brutality, all in wonderful balance. And those little crazy details in between…

Nothing left but to repeat: great CD, great band, buy it.

You can do it via this link or here

Stream the album here

Keoma are

Jasse – Vocs
Eero – Guitar, Vocs
Jaska – Bass, Vocs
Jaakko – Guitar
Sami – Drums
Sampo – Keyboard, Noise

  • 9.5/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 9.5/10
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