Bonfire – Fistful of Fire

Label: AFM Records     Playing Time: 54 Minutes      Release: 03rd April 2020


The indestructible German Hard Rock institution Bonfire is about to release their new album “Fistful of Fire”, only two years after their last studio output. It is the 17th (!) album since their formation in 1986 and it is already the 3rd album since Alexa Stahl entered the band as their new vocalist. There is again a new member, André Tigers on drums (former Rage). So far for the facts.

But how does “Fistful of Fire” sound like? It begins with a cool intro to the opener ‘Gotta Get Away’, followed by ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ – both are great songs. Especially the second one has a great chorus and also mini but effective strings. Afterwards the level is declining a little bit. Songs like ‘Ride The Blade’, ‘Fire And Ice’ and the ballad ‘When An Old Man Cries’ are well-done and they would be highlights on other bands’ albums. In this case – with such high level – they appear to be a bit weaker as they actually are. The next great tracks are the poppy ‘Warrior’, ‘Breaking Out’, the title track and the final ‘Gloryland’. What a great final track!

Result: After 35 years in business, Bonfire do not sound old fashioned and they still deliver high class music. This might also be a result of the new blood in the band. In any case, it’s nice to see that there is such a reliable institution like Bonfire!

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

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