Ghost of a Chance – Arboretum

Label: MIDSUMMER RECORDS; Release: 12/02/2016 

Singer-songwriter, indie, American, alternative, folk reads the press release for Ghost of a Chance, and that’s pretty accurate. A genre being filled with mass produced nonsense bought by aging hippies, but this album is not destined to join that category. This album is the second from singer-songwriter Tobias Heiland, and his first for six years. The album is subtle and classy from the opening chords, the production is second to none and the delicate additions of glockenspiel, soft but punchy vocals and some impressive guitar work give this album the edge over much of its competition.

Standout track – Welcome To Career Day, lyrically sharp, upbeat and with just enough attitude.

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Track listing:
1. Wolftrap
2. Roanoke
3. Shermer-III
4. Write Protect Tab
5. Ozark Morning
6. The First Words
7. Has Been Anthem
8. Attemptive
9. Letters From Endor
10. Law of Life
11. Welcome To Career Day

  • 7.5/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 7.5/10

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