Noumena – Anima

Label: Haunted Zoo Productions     release: Sept 2020

When autumn brings shorter days and a slightly darkened mood, a certain kind of melancholic music might be the perfect soundtrack. And Finns seem to have a good hand for this kind of music, among those Noumena. Founded in 1998 in Ähtäri, Finland, has released five full-length albums so far and performed live in several countries, e.g. in Japan and China. Still Noumena deserved a bit more attention.

The new album Anima presents – according to the band – the darkest and the most melancholic side of Noumena so far. Melancholy and serenity between Doom and Folk and even a bit of Dark-Pop – and despite the heavy doom feeling it’s really melodic and appealing. When you like Swallow The Sun, Hanging Garden and Amorphis, you surely enjoy this one too.

Thematically the album approaches death and loss from various viewpoints. Anima is a manifestation of spirit, soul and vitality, which takes a form of a soul bird in Finnish folklore. It is an ethereal spirit animal, who brings soul in birth and takes it away in death. Yet you don’t need to understand the Finnish lyrics to take a trip into a parallel shadow world …
By the way, Noumena are still doing it all themselves: Anima is a joint creative endeavor of artists from Noumena’s hometown, Ähtäri. Besides songs, cover artwork, promo pictures and music video of “Saatto” are crafted by Ähtäri-bred professionals. And the indie record label Haunted Zoo Productions is owned by Noumena.

Noumena are:
Antti Haapanen – growls
Suvi Uura – vocals
Markus Hirvonen – guitars, vocals
Ville Lamminaho – guitars, mandolin, vocals
Tuukka Tuomela – guitars
Hannu Savolainen – bass
Ilkka Unnbom – drums

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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