The New Black – A Monster’s Life

Label: AFM Records; Release: 26/02/2016; Running Time: app.36min

Everything they wanted was doing it right this time – that’s what they say in the band info. Well, I don’t know exactly what the guys from Würzburg did wrong in the past, but it seems they have not repeated their mistakes, as far as there had been any. Ten songs on the album. No redundancy, no bullshit! And  “A Monsters Life” sounds  exactly like that. Fairly straightforward, catchy as hell but not cheesy at all, each song brought to the point and almost every song with a chorus or a melody implants itself with super-glue into your brain. To achieve this result, the guys from Lower-Franken had some help from Danish Producer Jacob Hansen, who added the corresponding cinematic sound to the kick-ass attitude. Each track features the radio-friendly duration range between three and four minutes. I particularly like to highlight the opener “Long Time Coming” and the potential hit songs “With a Grin” and “Dead in the Water”.


01. Long Time Coming
02. Blockbuster Life
03. With a Grin
04. Send in the Clowns
05. Dead in the Water
06. Buddha Belly
07. The Beer of no Return
08. A Pill named Ting
09. Better
10. That’s your Poison, not mine

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