Lost In Grey – The Waste Land

Label: Soulfood    Release: January 11th, 2019

In case you cannot get enough of Symphonic Metal from Finland, you should check out this band and their new album „The Waste Land“, following the debut release of this band, The Grey Realms 2017. This CD has everything fans of Scandinavian Metal can imagine: epic sounds, songs that follow a classical music structure with opera-vocals, powerful riffs and beats, brutal growls, sounds from Folk music spheres as well as from Pagan Metal and even Black Metal – lyrics in English and Finnish, simply everything fans of Finnish music do enjoy.

The fact that the whole thing sounds like a Metal opera is actually the point: Lost In Grey define themselves as „Theatrical Metal Band“ and follow a dramatic concept for the album. A story unites all 8 songs, and a track like „Wolves Among Men“ sounds like a mini-Metal opera in itself with all those different elements and a radio-play part. Another selling point is the list of people involved in this project. Therefore I can only recommend Lost In Grey and this album to everybody who loves the music of Ensiferum, Amorphis and Nightwish or bands from the same musical universe.

Harri Koskela as Patrick (Vocals and Keyboards)
Anne Lill as Lillian (Vocals)
Emily Leone as Odessa (Vocals and Violin)
Aapo Lindberg as The Ancient (Bass)
Miika Haavisto as Immanuel (Guitars)
Waltteri Väyrynen (Session drums)

Guest vocals on “Expectations”: Nele Messerschmidt (as Maria)
Guest vocals on “Far Beyond and Further”: Andi Kravljaca (as The Aviator)
Choirs: Jani Kekkonen, Harri Koskela, Heidi Koskela, Katri Koskela, Nina Koskela, Milja Laine, Leo
Laine, Riku Laine, Emily Leone, Aapo Lindberg, Anna Paajanen, Anne Lill Rajala
Trolls of Waste Land on “Wolves Among Men”:
Anne Lill Rajala, Miikka Hujanen, Chrissy Turpeinen
Bowed lyre on “Drifting in the Universe”: Tero Kalliomäki
Guitar solo on “Far Beyond and Further”: Lasse Nyman
Acoustic guitar on tracks “Expectations” and “Prelude for Emptiness”: Timo Haikonen
Additional acoustic guitars and percussions: Harri Koskela

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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