Eigensinn: Post Mortem

Label: Echozone, released: 10.07.2015

Almost six years after the release of their debut album „Die Wahrheit“ (The Truth), Eigensinn are back with new material. Fans had to wait an awfully long time for this EP. Perhaps, the time-out even came at the worst time possible because people might have forgotten about them in the meantime. I certainly hope they didn’t because Eigensinn are one of the best bands in the German-language Goth Alternative Rock genre, with a female fronter. It’s very hard to compare them to other bands. Nemesis and guitarist Hol2y simply had no other choice but to work on “Post Mortem”, an EP with six songs. The songs are all very different and range from up-tempo tracks over more rocking and rough songs to tunes with electro influences. The band clearly developed their music further – it’s different compared to earlier releases but still great. Just as before, Eigensinn wrote excellent lyrics about the dark themes of human existence. I think, “Kinder des Zorns” (Children of wrath) could become quite successful as it is a great track with that certain something. Eigensinn are back in style and hopefully, fans don’t have to wait another six years or even more for the follow-up record.

  • 8/10
    - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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