The V: Now or Never

Label: Frontiers Records, released: 03.07.2015

The V is the solo project of Benedictum power frontwoman Veronica Freeman, who, with “Now and Never”, released her debut album in July. Also her band colleagues in Benedictum stand behind her and support her in this project. Compared to earlier releases, on which Veronica sings only Heavy Metal, “Now or Never” is a pure Melodic Rock piece – and Oh my goodness!! that’s exactly how melodic rock from a woman has to sound. This lady has a rock voice made by God! Benedictum are good but this is even better and quite many men in this genre could learn a thing or two from her! Vocalwise, Veronica is supported on “Kiss my Lips” by Leather Leone, on “King for a Day” by Tony Martin and on “Star Shine” by Meliesa McDonell. With twelve songs on the album, everyone should find something (s)he likes – I, for one, am thrilled from the first to the last second of the album. My clear favourites are “Line in the Sand” and “Love should be the Blame” and I am pretty sure that you will like them, too. For me it’s clear that the world needs more of this woman and definitely more in this genre. Once more, Veronica delivered a great piece of work and proved that there are still women out there who know how to rock! A great album – I want more of it!!!

  • 9.5/10
    - 9.5/10

Sandy Mahrer

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