Powerwolf / Majesty / Gloryful

14 November 2014, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

Before returning to the studio, Powerwolf are playing their final show of the year – actually the only club show in 2014. The took their strong support band from their last tour with them: Majesty! The lights are up, now let the mass begin!

Next to the big Turbinenhalle with approx. 4000 people capacity there is now a smaller venue with a capacity of 2000. This really makes sense! First of all, this new venue is really nice: it has a nice elevated stage, a balcony going around the whole back and one complete side and an elevated bar at one side. So it is also recommendable for smaller people. In addition it is a nice substitution for concerts which do not attract enough people for the huge Turbinenhalle.

When I step into the venue, which is sold out today, the opener Gloryful are already playing their last song. So I do not dare to judge the music or the show, but according to the applause at the end of the gig, they must have done a good job.

Majesty do have their own fans here, but also the Powerwolf fans should like them since the last tour. So it is not astonishing that the show today turns into a real triumph. The guys play 8 songs, which are all killers, although the sound is not optimal. During the latter, the crowd shouts its “Hey! Hey! Hey!” part as loudly as they usually cheer on the headliner. Therefore, Majesty do very well in their 45 minutes.

Thinking about the development of the band since my first Powerwolf show in 2008 until today, it commands my respect! Not in terms of songwriting and stageacting – both have been superb already back then – but in terms of commercial development. In 2008 they played as an opener for Brainstorm, today the sell out a venue with a 2000 people capacity – despite their tour and numerous festival shows within the last 12 month.

I could praise the show as much as the one last year in Osnabruck. The band lets loose right away, the audience is taken in from the first second and both give 100% right until the end of the 90 minute set. The differences between these two shows are more or less minimal: As mentioned already, the sound is a bit worse than last time. And today many fans appear with Powerwolf compatible corpse paint.

My personal favorite is a “nun” in the first row, as if straight from the “Preachers of the Night” booklet. But one thing changed only very little: the setlist – and that`s a pity! The songs played are more or less great, but some more changes to bring some variation would have been nice. Therefore, it feels a bit like a deja-vu. The band should also think about finally hiring a real bass player for gigs. That would make the playback obsolete and give their performance a bit more possibilities for variation.

All in all, it was again a great evening, driven by the support and the main act. The average sound and the monotonous setlist are small points of criticism, making the difference between a very good and a perfect evening.

Setlist Powerwolf:

Sanctified with Dynamite
Coleus Sanctus
Amen and Attack
Prayer in the Dark
All we need is Blood
Sacred and Wild
Resurrection by Erection
Drum Solo
Werewolves in Armenia
Dead Boys don`t cry
We drink your Blood
Lupus Dei
Raise your Fist
Saturday Satan
In the Name of God

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