Edguy / Unisonic / Masterplan

13. October 2014, Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland (Photos by Sandy Mahrer on Flickr)

A high quality package tonight on stage – those are the German top singers, songwriters, guitarists, and Edguy are among the most successful German bands for a reason. You notice the increased interest, the concert has almost been sold out via presales, and the place is almost full when the first band starts at 19.30 h.

The band around Roland Grapow is no longer with the King of Rock Jorn Lande, after only 1 reunion album. Rick Altzi, well known via At Vance and Thunderstone, is replacing him, and he is doing quite well, although stepping into Jorn Lande´s shoes is far beyond being an easy task. All in all he manages well, yet sometimes it seems they fill in with a Jorn sample. However, Mr. Grapow should focus on his guitar and quit the singing, or whatever you might call that. Still a great start of this evening and the songs from the old as well as from the new album appeal to the audience.

Finally again Kiske Live on Stage, he might not be the best of entertainers, but he is always fun to watch on stage. Unfortunately he got a back injury at the show in Kaufbeuren a few days before, therefore he performs sitting on a bar stool. Which seems to be a comfortable situation for him, because he can sit and enjoy some wine and nobody even expects him to move during the show. He seems like feeling at home and cannot help teasing band colleague Kai Hansen occasionally. Mandy Meyer is once again totally absorbed by his guitar playing. A great gig of this band with Kiske in top form, which would be difficult to surpass.

have some troubles with the microphone in the beginning of the show, which seems to annoy Mr. Sammet a bit, he also appears to be a bit under the weather. But as a professional he pulls through the show and just occasionally drops some sarcastic remarks. The setlist naturally contains songs form the new album, „Love Tyger“, „Space Police“ , but also the Falco Cover „ Amadeus“. The latter – a first-class performance by Tobi – has the audience join in right from the start, you see lots of horns and hairbangers. The band always performs with 100% and the guys also have lotsa fun on stage. Absolute fun for the fans´ eyes and ears, the ultimate concert experience, even though not everything runs smoothly. A great band you can watch 1000 times without feeling bored.


Sandy Mahrer

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