In Flames / Wovenwar / While She Sleeps

30. September 2014, Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany (Photos by Falko Nik on Flickr)

Weeks ahead the Große Freiheit 36 in St. Pauli, one of Hamburg´s trendy districts, was sold out. This was the concert of the Swedish melodic death metal band, In Flames, on their release tour of their new album “Siren Charms”. As support as well as musical enrichment for the night were the support bands “While she sleeps” and “Wovenwar”.

The venue, very well packed for a Tuesday evening, filled up both the downstairs and second floor quickly with expectant fans and thus offered the performing bands a great atmosphere. The evening was opened by the metalcore band, While She Sleeps, from Sheffield, England. Being the first band of the night, they were to warm up the crowd with their hard and fast music.

There was a minor complaint about the organizational part of the night; the opening time on the ticket unfortunately corresponded the time the concert started. Our author had to learn the lesson painfully by missing out the first band.

When the second band of the evening, Wovenwar, started playing, nearly everybody gathered in front of the stage. The former cast of “As I Lay Dying” presented their new style of music here and it can hardly resemble their former band. With clean vocals and dirtier guitar sound, the direction is rather in a kind of thrashy stoner rock.

The rocking show from the Californians and especially the alternating vocals from Shane Blay and Josh Gilbert created an interesting show. As great as the show was –there were no problems with the sound or otherwise-, it was pretty obvious as to what the masses were drawn to in this night.

When In Flames got announced by blinding blue lights and loud cheering of the fans, the concert hall was packed. Drummer Daniel Svensson, followed by guitarists Björn Gelotte and Niclas Engelin as well as bassist Peter Iwers and finally vocalist Anders Friden entered the stage under great applause.

As expected, the set list was led by a song of their latest album “Siren Charms”. “Plainview” tore up the now crowded fans, but maybe not as much as the fact to finally get to see their idols live on stage. Nonetheless, the welcome was enthusiastic and everybody had a good time.

In general, the set list was well selected and served everyone from the 24-year creative phase of the dudes from Gothenburg. From the previous album´s “Fear Is The Weakness” to “Trigger” they were able to heat up the atmosphere and caused some circle pits here and there. Then “Only for the Weak” finally put St.Pauli in flames. “The Chosen Pessimist” was presented unexpectedly powerfully and yet gave -not only to the happiness of paramedics- a well-deserved breather.

The mandatory mixed opinions on a new In Flames album were definitely cleared by this great concert. All the new songs were perfectly performed, such as “Trough Oblivion”, “Paralyzed” and “Monsters In The Ballroom”, and were very much celebrated by the fans.
The icing on the cake of the 90-minute show was a little interaction with the fans: A fan wearing his leather jacket at about 45°C / 90% RH got luckily invited for a spontaneous photo and growl session on stage.

All in all, the night was a great success and everyone seemed to have had fun. The sound and the light was carried out very well and the bar service was good too. Whoever was dragged along to the concert might find themselves being a fan now too!

Author/Photographer: Falko Nik

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