Alliance Fest: Callisto, Rust, Dawn Of Solace, Crib45, Rujo, The Figurines

… a truly historic event, it should remain the only ever live show of Dawn Of Solace ..

19.05.2007 Gloria Klubi, Helsinki, Finnland

Only at the club I found out what exactly this “Alliance Fest” means: A new cooperation of music activists who plan to organise alternative mini-festival including metal and rock acts side-by-side. Good plan, let´s see what happens in the future.

If all those other gigs at the same evening or something else was the reason, fact was that only a handful of people was there when “The Figurines” played. As they had started indeed punctually I just heard their last 10 minutes, unobtrusive Alternative Rock with a Bongo/Percussion section. After this band the punctuality was gone… and also the chill out feeling…

Because Rujo took off with rough MetalCore that seemed influenced by Pantera and Metallica (the riffs!). The singer kept moving without a break and the guitarists competed in “who does the weirdest stuff on stage”. Unfortunately the number of spectators had not increased much, and the audience kept a distance from stage.

A bit more was going on at the Crib45 show, yet rather in the audience because the band was hidden by a curtain during the first two songs. Animation videos in the disturbing style of Tool or Nine Inch Nails were projected on it, later those 4 TV sets on stage were also activated. I would describe the sound as “Opeth with more Metal”, epic Doom songs, very melodic and melancholic, with clean vocals as well as growls and a cello as musical bonus. Those songs had a mesmerizing effect: When there was a longer pause because of a technical problem, the audience literally held their breath… great band, great concept!


It was mainly Dawn Of Solace that had attracted me, and some more people, obviously, because finally some dared to get close to the stage. Still DOS is everything else than representing “high spirits”: Not much action on stage, mastermind Tuomas sometimes even seemed totally absorbed in his music. Which is dark melancholic yet melodic with catchy chorus: Lars´ clean vocals combined with Tuomas´ growls worked perfectly also live. They played „I Was Never There“, „Dead Air“ or „I am Chaos, I am Destruction” from the new album “The Darkness” and also a brand new song. Then one after the other musician left stage, and when Tuomas´ last fragile chord dissolved, the audience cheered – and expected more. So did I, unfortunately… about 40 minutes that went by way too quickly!

Dawn Of Solace should be my headliner that evening because I had to leave right afterwards. And because of time table delays I missed even two bands… sorry, Rust , sorry, Callisto! See you next time …

Klaudia Weber

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