07. February 2014, Zal Ojidania, St. Petersburg, Russia

7th February 2014. The total majority of the world is waiting for the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in Sochi begin, but in St. Petersburg one much more interesting event for the metal fans takes place – the awaited gig of the German metal-core band Caliban.


Caliban have already the vast history, playing together since 1997, and can boast 9 studio albums and two split-albums with another renowned rockers Heaven Shall Burn. The guys have visited Russia a number of times already and now were prepared to meet the welcoming Russian audience.


Those old well known hits, phrases in Russian language, the new program in support of the newly released album Ghost Empire: All this created the tremendous impression on the crowd, which immediately started jumping and singing together with the favorite band.


Then after the encouragement from the stage, it grew to mass all-club slam circles, wall of death as big as the metal club scene has seen here in the recent years, and fan surfing with the boldest fans climbing the stage, handshaking and high-fiving the band members, exchanging some words of sincere appreciation and then joining the reckless fun back in the crowd with the most sincerely happy smiles on their faces.

I think everyone in the club would heartily thank Caliban for their music and sharing the vibrant energy with the fans.

Come again, we miss you already.

Author: Varja Lintu    photos: JuNappi, Varja Lintu

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