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Lost Dreams – Fresh Act June 2007

Question: How many Metal-Bands from Finland do you know? And, be honest, how many from Austria? Well??? One of the reasons why STALKER had to check out what happens down there in the high mountain range.

Those nice guys from Tyrol invited STALKER to Steinach, Brenner (in the middle of Austrian Alps) to listen to their brand new Melodic Death album “End Of Time”. And they had a lot to tell us.

Who are you? Please introduce every band member and his duty in Lost Dreams.
Andi:I am the guitarist, founding member and main song writer. You could say that I am the helmsman of this Death Metal battle ship 🙂
Herbert is guitarist, founding member and main songwriter. Both melodic and groove parts. He always has a great idea at hand to give a song the final polish.
Wibs, the singer, can do everything from abysmal growls to aggressive screams, everything the Death Metal heart desires.
Manuel, bass player, joined the band in summer 2006, he is reliable and gives our sound a solid bass foundation.

Where are you from?
Andi: Steinach
Herbert: Axams
Wibs: Virgen
Manuel: Wörgl
(All those are small towns in Tyrol Alps, the ed.)

Please explain your music, as if I was 5 years old ;P
Chop, Retch, Vomit, but still quite melodious and distinctive … 😉

Who are your idols, what are your major musical influences?
Andi: In Flames, Dream Theater, Halloween,…
Herbert: In Flames, At The Gates, Pantera..
Wibs: George Fisher, Peter Tägtgren, Bloodpath, Dying Fetus..
Manuel: At The Gates, All Shall Perish, Carcass..

Who writes the music / lyrics, or are all of you involved?
Andi: The music is written by me and Herbert. The lyrics are Wibs´ job.

What kind of jobs do you have?
Andi: I repair Production Printers
Herbert:IT technician
Wibs: in education
Manuel: clerk

Which word would define your band?
Andi: I think you can only do that by using two words 🙂 “Melodic Deathmetal”

Would you sign with a highly commercial label just to become famous?
Andi: There is still the question what you mean with highly commercial label. I assume that you thought of Universal, Sony, Warner or something. I rather don´t because such labels would not even know how to promote a Death Metal band in an appropriate way. They have no experience with such a genre and therefore also no connections. But if you thought of labels like Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Metal Blade, I definitely would not mind to sign a contract :). Those labels are specialised and know what goes on in the Metal scene.

Lately I saw Wibs wearing a T-shirt on stage saying “fucking, drinking, Deathmetal”, so what would you pick?
Andi: You don´t have to ask that, all three of course!

What would you do if the music career does not work out?
Andi: Breeding Penguins at the North Pole 😉

What was the most exiting/most disappointing moment in your band history?
Andi: The most disappointing moment… hmm… there is a big collection to choose from, but I think the concert in Stuttgart (GER) is a good candidate. Most exciting: We had also many positive moments in our band history. But spontaneously I remember the work on our new CD “End Of Time” and the mix and mastering in Sweden.

At Stuttgart after your horror concert, the promoter did not want to pay you, how did you react?
Andi: Not very positively, as you can imagine. But after we quickly but efficiently “re-arranged” the furniture we finally got our money to drive back home.

You have just been in Sweden for the mastering of your new CD, so can you tell me something funny about the trip?
Andi: I have to say that these were the coolest two weeks I had for a very long time. Everything worked out just fine, and we only met very friendly people. Quite funny was that suddenly Arch Enemy were standing behind us in the studio. They had just dropped by to talk with Fredrik (Nordström, the ed.) about their next album. Being eye to eye with this famous band was really cool.

Listening to your new CD a bit I really liked “Flesh Is All I Need” best, which song is for you like “yes, that´s it”?
I think that everybody in the band has his own faves. But I have to admit that we all assume that “I Curse You” has the biggest hit potential.

Your new CD also features some guest musicians, who are they?
Andi: Michael Gassebner (our old drummer) on drums
Mario Hirzinger (Serenity) Keyboards and Cleanvocals
Slaven Tomas (Seven Deadly Sins) Solo Part
Sandro and Lino Hochrainer (Avenging Angels) Backing Vocals
We have to thank them again here for their excellent contributions 🙂

What do you think sucks about being a musician?
Andi: The ignorance and arrogance of so many people

Lordi played last year at the Eurovision Song contest, would you do the same?
Andi: Ha, ha… well…. why not, there is probably no better promotion.

Which bands would you love to tour with?
Andi: In Flames, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy (this list could be still extended with many more bands) … that would be really cool 🙂 Let´s see what the future brings.

So tell us what you plan for the future?
Andi: Releasing the CD via a label,
there are some concerts and festivals to play (Metalcamp, Soul of Metal). We are busy working on a live video for the song “Evil Unleashed”. Our new homepage is ready now, we also included a “Medley” (Jukebox) of “End Of Time”:

Author: Christian Girstmair, photos:

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