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Kurt Frohlich (L.A. Guns): Focus on the future

Born in Canada, Kurt Frohlich became a house hold name as lead singer and guitarist, playing with several well-known US acts before joining the Riley’s L.A. Guns. Find out about his solo project and what’s happening with the band after Steve Riley’s untimely passing in October 2023 (R.I.P.).

When did you begin playing music, Kurt?
When I was in elementary school I took piano and drum lessons. At 15 I picked up the guitar and practiced obsessively. Then I went to music college for a year and got picked up by a band and hit the road for a while. I’ve been a professional musician since then and done a lot of different things musically.

Any favorite bands?
My first love was KISS when I was 6. I am heavy influenced on British rock like Led Zeppelin, Bowie, T Rex, The Sweet and The Beatles.
Later on I grew up listening to 70s and 80s punk rock like The Dead Kennedys, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. My new solo album entitled “1977” is a tribute to that sound and comes out this summer. The first single “I Don’t Want it” digitally has just been released on Feb 16. (See SoMe links below, the ed.)

What bands were you in prior to joining L.A. Guns?
I was the lead singer for Faster Pussycat for a while. We did shows in the US and a European tour. The band sounded killer and we played stuff from the first 3 albums.
I played guitar with Marky Ramone of the Ramone’s for a short time. I learned a lot from him about punk rock and how to run a show.

How did you meet Steve Riley to join L.A. Guns?
It was Steve Riley that called me to do one show, The M3 Festival,  in 2019. It went so well that we got new management, agent and a record deal out of it. He knew who I was though mutual musicians and friends.

Any funny stories about being in L.A. Guns?
Not off the top of my head. I’ve really enjoyed playing the 80s rock festivals and hanging out with all the great bands I’ve looked up to growing up.

What is the band doing now?
We just did our last show on the books in Connecticut and it was killer. We are taking things day by day at this point. Our new album “The Dark Horse” is out now for streaming and digital downloads.

What lies in the future for L.A. Guns?
Like I mentioned, we are taking it day by day at this point now that Steve is gone. Our new album is out and the CD and vinyl will be available soon. We have had great feedback and numbers streaming. I’m always writing and focusing on the future.

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