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Anthony Esposito: Organic growth

Quick shot interview with Anthony Esposito, current band member of Red Dragon Cartel with Jake E. Lee and former bass player of legendary US Hard Rockers Lynch Mob (who have just released a new album named „Babylon“.)

Why did you decide to begin Schoolhouse Recording and Mixing (recently re-named Obscenic Arts), Anthony?
When I got off tour and quit Lynch Mob after the second CD, I needed a place to store my gear and my motorcycles, so I rented the space. Then I started rehearsing with old friends there and more friends in bands wanted to rehearse there, so the space organically just grew into a great studio.

Who were some of your clients?
(Too many, therefore linked here, the ed.) client list

How did you meet Jake E.Lee to join Red Dragon Cartel? What is the experience like being in that band?
I met Jake years ago when he was in Badlands. Badlands and Lynch Mob were friends. We did an MTV sports racing event together at the Des moines Grand Prix. That’s where we really became friends, though. Jake is best friends with my son Tyler. When he needed a new bassist, Jake asked my son first. When Tyler said no, Jake asked „what about your dad?“
I love playing with Jake.
Best musician I’ve ever played with. Proud of the „Patina“ CD we made together.
(More about it in video link below, the ed.)

What was it like being in Frehley’s Comet?
I never was in Frehley’s comet. I played with Ace for close to ten years after he left KISS, after the first farewell tour. The „Anomaly“ CD was a highlight of my years with him.

Any favorite metal bands?
Priest, Maiden, Ozzy, Sabbath, Van Halen – the usual suspects. But honestly, growing up, I listened to Punk and Jazz.

How did you begin your music career?
Upright bass. Sixth grade junior symphony – Lol.

What was it like being in Lynch Mob?
It was the best and the worst at the same time.
When we did „Wicked Sensation“, I was 23, so I was really green and young. We were a family, constantly hanging out together as a band.
It’s sad what George (Lynch) has done to the band name by releasing crappy CDs and the revolving door of members over the years.
When I was in it, it meant something to say you were a member in Lynch Mob.

Text: John Wisniewski
photo: Still from That Just Happened channel Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel – The Making of “Patina”

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