Imperial Age & Seraina Telli @ Z7 Pratteln

05.10.2023 @ Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln

Autumn season is slowly progressing, but we can still enjoy nice weather and warm temperatures. And, after the festival summer marathon, we can look forward to the fact that many bands are touring again and you can really enjoy cosy & smaller concerts again.

Tonight’s programme features a band I’ve never wached before and a few familiar Swiss faces. Unfortunately the support Infinitas had to cancel due to singer Mary falling ill.

Mehr Auftrittszeit für die andere Vorband, über die ich mich besonders freue und auch der Grund, warum ich heute kurzfristig auch noch mit dabei bin, wenn sie schon vor der Haustüre spielen. Zwar war Seraina Telli mit ihrer Band gerade erst Support bei Monster Magnet im Juni, aber diesen Act kann man nicht oft genug sehen. Die Dame, die «Addicted to Color» ist, tritt mit einem weissen Hosenanzug auf, warum? Weil sie es verdammt noch mal kann. Sie behauptet sich nicht nur durch ihren eigenen Stil, sondern mit ihrem unglaublichen Können. Man könnte vor Neid erblassen, aber ich für meinen Teil freue mich einfach nur darüber, dass es noch junge Rock Nachwuchskünstlerinnen gibt, die einfach ihr Ding durchziehen und ihre Sache beherrschen. Und das ist bei Seraina nicht nur der Gesang, sondern auch das Instrument Gitarre. Ich schätze es, dass diese Frau mehr kann als einfach nur dastehen und hübsch aussehen und nicht halbnackt auf die Bühne treten muss, um von ihrem mässigen Gesangstalent abzulenken. Jedem das seine und es ist OK für jene, die mehr Haut zeigen möchten, aber toll, dass es nicht alle machen.

More performance time for the other support band, which I’m particularly happy about; they are also the reason why I’m joining them at short notice today, which is easy when they’re  playing at your doorstep. Although Seraina Telli and her band just supported Monster Magnet in June, you can’t see this act often enough. The lady who is “Addicted to Color” performs in a white pantsuit, why? Because she just fucking can. She holds her own in therms of style and incredible skill. Instead of being green with envy, I’m am just happy to see that there are still young up-and-coming rock artists who just do their thing and know their stuff. And in Seraina’s case, that’s not only the singing, but also the guitarplaying. I appreciate that this woman can do more than just looking pretty and doesn’t have to step on stage half-naked in order to distract from mediocre talent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK for those who want to show more skin, but it’s great that not everyone is doing it.

With her band, Seraina gets the audience warmed up and although the music style doesn’t quite fit Imperial Age, she can win over some more fans with her performance. Her easy-going presentation and perfect vocals, this woman can really convince everyone – even me. You don’t know Seraina Telli yet? Then it’s time to listen to her Nr 1 Swiss charts album  «Addicted to Color» – a great show of those three from Aargau.


Imperial Age had not been on my radar until now, even though the band has been around since 2013 and supported well-known bands, like Therion or Orphaned Land. That’s probably why they have their own headlining tour. However, the Z7 hall seems a bit too big tonight for those 300-350 fans, a smaller venue would have done it and I’m sure that some came to the show because of Seraina Telli and Infinitas and don’t know too much of the main act either. Well, since I don’t read Metal Hammer anymore,I’m a bit short on info. The band surely had quite a turbulent year 2022, having fled their Russian homeland because of the war with Ukraine, escaping to Turkey and after that being taken in by the UK because of their exceptional talent. Certainly it’s not easy to leave everything behind, and to do so out of conviction is absolutely great.

Founded by Jane Odintsova and Alexander “Aor” Osipov, together with Belf on bass, Manuele di Ascenzo on drums, tour guitarist Jeremy de Boar and vocalist Anna Kiara Moiseeva, Imperial Age impersonate the magicians of Atlantis and tell their stories, mixing symphonic metal and speed metal.

ImperialAge (11)

The classical vocal training of the three singers Anna, Jane and Aor can be heard right away, although the mixing for the first time is pretty much in the shitter  today. At first the two ladies can’t be heard at all, then sometimes yes sometimes no, which makes it a bit tedious to follow what’s going on in the performance. It’s also a pretty stiff performance style, just standing on stage for most of the time, that offers little incentive for me to watch the whole show. However, the band is good in terms of playing as well as singing, and when the sound technology actually worked, it would probably be even a lot better as a live show, but tonight it’s somehow boring. Somehow the sparks don’t fly for me, I can’t quite figure out why. Towards the middle of the concert, it loosens up a bit and there’s movement on stage, but on the whole you get the feeling of a rehearsed dance show choreography where still everyone seems a bit lost. Nevertheless, the majority of the audience seems to enjoy the show and that’s the main thing anyway. In the front row, the fans wave their arms to the rhythm, jump along and celebrate Imperial Age.

For me, this is a band I can easily imagine as an opening act, but as the headliner they still lack some routine for a performance on such a big stage.


Sandy Mahrer

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