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Black Panther

PG-13   VÖ  Feb 15, 2018   2h 14min  – SPOILER-FREE

It’s no big secret that I enjoy super hero movies, especially in a movie theater in 3D, and a franchise like Marvel rarely disappoints (totally) …. Black Panther is one of those (many) heroes I have not read ONE comic book about beforehand, hence I was even more excited. Because of a series of gigs (check out our concert or gallery section) has kept me from attending the premiere day/weekend. A good thing, now I can compare my impression with some other reviews.

And it seems this time critics and fans alike agree with me – a great movie! An adventure that has done pretty much everything right – story, characters, costumes, action and effects, and the soundtrack might be among the hottest of the whole Marvel universe (well, besides Guardians of the Galaxy).

Story synopsis: T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) witnesses the assassination of his father (see Captain America: Civil War) and becomes the new king of Wakanda, an isolated and technically highly developed African nation. Suddenly there’s a contender to the throne coming from the outside, therefore T’Challa has to face some new problems and past mistakes of his father …

There was a huge buzz before the movie release about the black cast majority including director Ryan Coogler, and only a few white people can be seen in small roles, despite their blockbuster background (Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis – Lord of The Rings / Hobbit trilogies). English language is balanced with e.g. Swahili, Nama and Xhosa and I have to mention all those powerful intelligent females …  No need to mention the class of actors like Angela Basset, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’o (Star Wars), Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead) or the title character… plus, there’s Winston Duke as M’Baku even delivering some LOL moments, and Michael B. Jordan is one of the hottest baddies of all superhero movies, a character you can somehow understand and hence have difficulties to hate…

Swift action, awesome scenes – and some food for your brain too based on some recent events. The question “total isolation or opening up to help others” (which was part of Wonder Woman plot as well) is basically the movie’s central topic. And somehow Black Panther seems to be the most “political” movie so far – how to deal with failures / atrocities of ancestors in the past, with racism, with the environment, violence and the urge to take revenge, the society – and social changes? At some point someone says something like “the wise build bridges, not barricades/walls”. Well, a bit sad to hear this in a block buster movie and not from influential politicians. But maybe it’s good that kids and teens receive a message like this in such a movie, because the teens of today are the political influencers of tomorrow. Hence a movie that gives hope, in more than one aspect. Worth to watch!

PS: Again, I have to recommend to stay until the credits have finished rolling …

Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer

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