Heavysaurus – Kaugummi ist Mega!-Tour @ Z7 Pratteln

Heavysaurus – Kaugummi ist mega! (Chewing gum is great!) Tour
19.02.2023 Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

It’s kind of strange to be at a concert at 2 pm. Normally the doors of the Z7 open hours later, except at festivals. Well, the reason for this are certain sauropods who would rather have small children in the audience than drunk adults. Well, on a Sunday afternoon, both will probably be present.

About 1000 tickets have gone out in advance and even now some more are still being sold at the box office. The tickets for the meet & greet with the dinosaurs have sold well in advance, too, and many halflings were able to enjoy a rucksack full of dinosaur goodies and a souvenir picture with Mr Heavysaurus and his crew.

From 3 years old to adults, everybody is represented in the hall, whereby the front part is cordoned off especially for the little ones, so that they can enjoy the concert without a restricted field of vision. But for some toddlers, the wait before the concert without mom and dad next to them is a bit too much for them, and their parents can’t be found in the tangle. So the crew announces on stage the names of children who are missing their parents and that they should report to staff at the bar. The Z7 crew has everything well under control and they prepared dinosaur popcorn especially for this occasion, which was much appreciated by young and old alike.

At 3 p.m. the lights go out and a little reminder is given to the kids that those dinosaurs and the dragon are very nice and nobody needs to fear them. And off they go with “Chewing gum is great” and 500 children singing along in the background. The volume remains reasonable and quite under the usual level at the Z7.
The five animals, singer Mr. Heavysaurus (Michael Voss) – a Tyrannosaurus Rex , the keyboard girl Milli Pilli (Valentin Findling) – a Triceratops, guitar dragon Riffi Raffi (Christoph Leim), Apatosaurus Komppi Momppi (Philipp Klinger) on drums and Stegosaurus Muffi Puffi (Jürgen Steinmetz) on bass, inspire the children in no time, they are singing along loudly, dancing and are just having fun .

In between the songs, Mr. Heavysaurus repeatedly seeks contact with the little ones and asks them what they would like to be when they grow up, whether bullying is okay, whether it’s okay to just push someone over, to which the kids naturally already know the right answer and shout it out loud. Only the request for everyone to scream loudly Mr. Saurus could have been left out, the parents are not at all pleased by the high-pitched screaming and the few childless metalheads in the hall seem ready to take flight. With huge balloons, smoke fountains, streamers blown into the crowd and a bit of pyro effects, they have something to enjoy during the show for the older ones, too.

Basically Heavysaurus can only be recommended, it’s a wonderful concept both in the German version and the Finnish original. However, for me as an adult, the Finnish language version is much more entertaining, because I don’t understand all the lyrics. Still it’s a wonderful idea to make Metal music accessible for kids, so that they know what mom and dad are doing when they visit a concert. Metal music for youngsters – but there could be a double feature, one show for the kids and then later in the evening another one for the adults only, without the kids, because a lot of them enjoy those dinosaurs a lot, too.

Great show and something different than the usual Metal gig, and it’s great to be back home again at 17.oo h.

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