Kælan Mikla interview podcast

Our first podcast!

Have fun listening to our Kælan Mikla interview which was recorded at the concert with VV (Ville Valo) at Tavastia Klubi Helsinki:


I think for us it’s inspiration from emotions, environment. It can be from feelings, from landscapes and stuff like this, rather than getting inspired by something from pop culture like bands or movies … growing up on a tiny frozen island, very secluded from everywhere else…. we are very inspired by the darkness that we get in Iceland and just nature. And also very much old Icelandic, folklore and ghost stories and stuff we grew up with as children, because there’s a lot of that in Iceland. So that is also something that’s very inspiring to us. And I think Iceland has this kind of very harsh landscape, but it’s also very beautiful. And I feel that’s very inspiring too.

Askar Ibragimov

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