Lord of the Lost, Nachtblut, Scarlet Dorn @ Z7 Pratteln

10.11.2022 Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland

This evening is fully dedicated to bands from our neighbor nation Germany. ist völlig Bands aus unserem deutschen Nachbarland gewidmet. Dark Helmet… err Lordi… no, of course Lord of the Lost are coming for a visit, joined by Nachtblut and Scarlet Dorn. With about 800 fans in the hall, we can look forward to an evening of good music and the usual decibel meter games.


Scarlet Dorn are simply part of the Lord of the Lost tours. Because they feature  LOTL band members on the drums and keys. I like the songs from the new album “Queen of Broken Dreams” very much and they also go down very well with the live audience. It seems to me that Scarlet’s vocals tonight are more confident and easy-going, so I have to say that their performance showed me a whole new side of the band. The only thing that could be improved a bit is displaying more fun of performing. But maybe nervousness also plays a part in this case. But Scarlet Dorn are worthy openers for LOTL and get the audience in the mood for the following bands.

Nachtblut and their Dark Metal don’t quite fit into the picture, in my opinion, but they provide plenty of atmosphere with their somewhat faster beats in their songs. At the beginning I’m thrilled, but the high screeching vocals don’t have to be there. The voice sounds great otherwise, but this Rumpelstiltskin singing style almost drives you crazy. Nevertheless, these guys create a good atmosphere and still offer interesting visuals in their gothic vampire robes.

Lord of the Lost have again provided stage elevations, so that you can see the very small Germans at the very back, too. No, of course it just makes a better picture and LOTL can do the daily leg fitness program at the same time, hopping up and down all the time. In the audience you can spot fans covered with black paint, they probably didn’t just attend the Pratteln show as the only concert on this tour. And you wonder which outfit and make-up will be used today.

Actually they always solve it in a simple way, but it looks quite impressive, they bring out very different stage outfits. PI in a glitter suit, Klaas as a little bass ninja, Gerrit in a lace tank top and flashy make-up, drummer (I assume Niklas Kahl) simply very pale and Chris Harms as a little pale Golden Girl with light blue vampire lenses who has been digging in the dirt. Unfortunately, the gold shimmer is almost completely lost in the spotlight. But always nice to see how this make-up comes out today. Mr Harms and his gentlemen also seem to have recovered from the flu and now deliver a powerful show. What always comes up at LOTL is the question how loud the fan screams will be, as there is a decibel meter hanging on the wall in the Z7, clearly visible. This time the fans manage a good 110.7 – not quite a new record, but quite good for a Thursday evening and a half-full concert hall.

A pleasant atmosphere and a good mood, it’s really fun to watch the guys doing gymnastics and playing a gig again. I also enjoy that Harms is thanking the audience every time and emphasises that they wouldn’t be able to be on stage and on tour without their fans. I think this gesture is incredibly nice and likeable.

It was once again a very entertaining concert evening. Come back soon, dear German neighbors.

Sandy Mahrer

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