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NunSlaughter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, is one of those legendary 80s acts who has remained active to this day. However, in 2015 they decided on a one-year hiatus due to illness and death of longtime drummer Jim Sadist. Back in the scene with their “Devil Metal”, you can see them on tour in Europe pretty soon! Mastermind Don Crossly, also called Don of the Dead, delivers the news:

Don, please tell us about the new NunSlaughter releases!
Currently there are two new releases that we are promoting. The first is our full length RED IS THE COLOR OF RIPPING DEATH and there is our split CD recording with BLOOD. Both available at Hells Headbangers.

How and when did NunSlaughter form? Could you tell us the story?
NunSlaughter began in 1987. The band I was working with was just not satanic enough for me and the drummer and I wanted to form something a bit more extreme. I was given a bass so I was going to be the bassist and Jere wanted to play guitar. From there we just worked with our friends to fill out the band and started making primitive death metal music.

Referring to „Devil Metal“: Do you study the occult, Don?
I did when I was younger but for now I just like to ride my motorcycle and have no time for anything spiritual.

What inspires you to write NunSlaughter’s lyrics?
In my early years it was inspired from horror movies and books of horror. Currently my inspiration comes from society and people that I meet. We as a human race are just terrible to each other, so all the inspiration I need is contained in the headlines of the day.

Any stories that you could tell us about being in NunSlaughter all these years?
Those stories mostly are about travel and meeting metalheads from all over the world. Traveling with the band members over the years lets you get to know people in a very interesting way. Most people will never know the feeling of standing on stage and performing for an audience. I hold my memories very close to my heart and I am thankful that I have had this time to create and enjoy others.

What has kept the band going for so many years?
I am not totally sure. My desire to create and the willingness of some really great band members to contribute to the NunSlaughter legacy is a big part. People still wanting to hear our approach on death metal has helped, for without them we would have no-one at the shows or buying our merchandise allowing us to continue our assault.

What is the current NunSlaughter lineup?
Don of the Dead – Vokills
Tormentor – Guitar
Wrath – Drums
Detonate – Bass

Where will you be playing live dates?
After the one off show in Chicago July 3rd with Imperator, we have a European tour set up for August. Lots of other one offs throughout the year and possibly a small US tour at the end of the year.

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reporter: John Wisnewski
photo: band

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