UFO @ Batschkapp Frankfurt

15.07.22 Frankfurt Batschkapp, Germany

On their farewell tour “Last Orders – 50th Anniversary 1969 – 2019”, which has been running since 2019, the men around frontman Phil Mogg have come to Frankfurt’s Batschkapp today to make up for the pandemic-related cancellations of their shows from previous years.

This legendary concert evening opens very punctually at 19.50 with the performance of Stinger, who show great enthusiasm on stage. This extremely talented band from Southern Germany impresses with variety in their straightforward playing, which is very well received by the audience. Especially shouter Martin adds a great recognition value to those hard rock songs with his expressive voice, clearly an invigorating element in the Stinger sound. Despite some parallels to AC/DC or old Krokus, the band shows a high degree of independence and puts on an impressive 45min performance here, which is met with a lot of applause from the Batschkapp audience. Thumbs up for STINGER !!!

After a relatively short stage setup break it’s time for UFO – this is what the audience in Frankfurt has been waiting for. The band starts their set with a pub bell and front man Phil Mogg has the maniacs firmly under control from the first moment. Batschkapp is well filled, but unfortunately not completely. Nevertheless, UFO offers a breathtaking show with every single musician in to top form.

The band plays through their almost complete discography. The selection of songs is very balanced and thus the development of the band is presented impressively. Neil Carter, who many know from the unforgettable times with Gary Moore (RIP), presents himself as a highly gifted musician on the keyboard and guitar and on the other side of the stage there is the equally gifted Vinnie Moore – those two form an unbeatable melody faction on this evening.

Andy Parker on drums convinces the crowd with precise, powerful playing and Rob De Luca on bass acts as a filigree pressure generator. Classics like “Ain’t No Baby” or the brilliant “Too Hot To Handle” are celebrated by the audience and the longer UFO puts the audience in ecstasy, the more difficult it is to understand that this should now mean the inevitable end of an era, which was only unexpectedly prolonged by the pandemic.

At the end of “Rock Bottom”, the pub bell sounds again and UFO plays “Doctor Doctor” and “Shoot Shoot” as encore. Then a nice 85 min. concert evening comes to an end with a dignified farewell by the fans.

Text & pictures: Hanzi Herrmann

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