Kuolemanlaakso – Kuusumu

Label: Svart Records VÖ: 4.3.2022

What a pleasure to hear from this Finnish dark metal band again, after such a long time. Because it took 8 years for a follow-up to Uljas uusi maailma (2012), Musta aurinko nousee (EP, 2013) and Tulijoutsen (2014). Kuolemanlaakso continue where they left off when taking a break back then: Songs that show influences from slow and heavy doom to brutal black metal, melancholic-epic hymns, true symphonies of sorrow that are at the same time eerily catchy.

Kuusumu’s texts are loosely based on the sudden global cooling that began in 535, leading to a 10-year long winter, loss of crops, famine and mass deaths of cattle and other animals. The climate change was most likely caused by massive volcanic eruptions, the fog of which darkened the sun for 1,5 years, causing loss of light and intolerable coldness. Moreover, the bubonic plague that began in the Byzantine Empire in 541 swept across Europe, killing tens of millions of people during the climate crisis.

Kuusumu, like its predecessors, was produced by Santura and Laakso is, as always, the main songwriter. Guests musicians are Aleksi Munter (Swallow the Sun, Insomnium, Ghost Brigade) on keyboards and singer Lotta Ruutiainen (Luna Kills).

Pimeys laski
Katkeruuden malja
Surusta meri suolainen
Kuohuista tulisten koskien
Surun sinfonia
Pedon vaisto

Kotamäki – voc
Laakso – git, back voc
Kouta – git
Usva – bass
Tiera – drums

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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