Lucifer / Dead Lord @ Z7 Konzertfabrik

17.11.2021 @Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland


It feels strange to finally capture and review a concert again after 21 months. It’s been a long time and unfortunately it seems to be lasting even longer, because big tours get cancelled and when they get postponed, it’s usually without a date in Switzerland.

As the future of my beloved Z7 is uncertain at the moment because of the parking situation, you might wonder whether this could be the last concert in this hall. We hope not and try to push the thought away, in order to enjoy every moment we still have here all the more. This time with two bands I have never seen live before.

Dead Lord, who didn’t convince me with their album at all, knocked my socks off live all the more. The Swedish classic/hard rock band around singer and guitarist Hakim Krim got off to a great start and led the audience through their show with coolness and light-hearted remarks. Lucifer’s own guitarist Martin Nordin is also taking part here on guitar, so he has a double feaature on the Z7 stage today. The Swedes create a good atmosphere despite there’s unfortunately not such a big audience. And those few people give everything to celebrate the two bands and thank them for travelling so far. Krim and his men are visibly having fun during the gig and make jokes about their drummer Adam Lindmark. They claim they have to hide him so far in the back because he is so cute and young that he would steal the show otherwise. Really great to have seen this band live and with a longer playing time.

After a short changeover, the main actors appear on stage. Lucifer consists of the German singer Johanna Sadonis, who is married to the Swedish drummer and songwriter of the band Nicke Andersson – also known from the Hellacopters and Entombed. They are joined by guitarists Martin Nordin and Linus Björklund and bassist Alex Mayr. With her clear voice, the blonde front woman in her leather catsuit leads through the evening and convinces with an inpeccable performance. Without big announcements or talking, the band is able to captivate the audience and create a good atmosphere. One or the other person in the audience dances across the Z7 – and there is plenty of room to do so. The partly melancholic and yet catchy songs invite you to move and sing along. Doom rock at its best.

Too bad that so many people missed out on this occasion at Z7 to celebrate these two great bands that evening. We hope Lucifer will return to Switzerland soon. Until then, all we can do is put on their albums – Lucifer IV was released on 31.10.2021 – and listen to their music without the live experience.

Sandy Mahrer

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