Dellacoma – Blood

Label: Curtain Call Records      Release Date: 16.07.2021

Dellacoma have released their new album named «Blood» in July. The Australian Band around founder and singer Del Rio conjure a new masterpiece that comes straight from the heart. Soulful slow songs, up-tempo Party Rock Songs – you can find it all on “Blood”

The first song “Adrenaline” immediately punches you in the gut, delivering a good portion of – yes – adrenaline that won’t diminish during those ten songs on the album. Those tracks offer a lot of diversity: “Defiance” and its “Run Away…” will follow you for hours during the day and the track has great guitar solos too. “Kill your Idols” with a good hook line in the chorus. The ballad “Leave a light on” or the simple “7 years” – all the songs offer a unique sound paired with Del’s great voice. He states that this album is the most personal he’s done and that it means a lot to him. It won’t get boring listening to the record and the great songs on it, made by the talented Australian and his band mates.

Personally I like the ballad of “Lady Undertaker” and the tp-tempo number “I don’t want it” best, so give it a try – the record is available online.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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