FB1964 – Dreams & Nightmares

Bornkamp Records / Guma Records March 2020

Saving the rain forest with Metal? That’s possible – thanks to FB1964 who donate all the CD revenues to And just the list of people who brought this 3rd project of this kind to life should be the reason to purchase the album:
Anneke Van Giersbergen, Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth, David DeFeis, Johnny Gioeli, Ronnie Romero, Becky Gaber, Chris Boltendahl, Henning Basse, Liv Jagrell and Tim „Ripper“ Owens at the mike, an even longer list of instrumentalists, e.g. the guitarists Jeff Loomis, Sophie Lloyd, Julia Kosterova, Andres Nunez and Dethy Borchard or Ally Storch on violin.

Indeed a special treat for all those who enjoy some solid high-quality Metal product. The majority of songs can be defined as straight-forward traditional Metal with a 1980s touch, or Judas Priest meets Maiden meets Accept meets Running Wild. There are also some tracks that go Speed Metal or Hardrock. “Blood-Red Sky” is a fantastic song, the power ballad “7 Deadly Dreams” is pure ear candy, just like the epic metal hymn “Army Of Darkness” (feat. Becky Gaber). Pretty much every single track of this album is a hit – well, only the second instrumental didn’t really impress me but the other 11 songs compensate for that easily. You get some great music AND do something for the environment – therefore top rating, buy it!

CD available here:

1. Mile to Mile
2. Blood-Red Sky
3. Chaos
4. Falling Deep
5. Dreams and Nightmares
6. Fever
7. Seven Deadly Dreams
8. Guilty Conscience
9. Army of Darkness
10. Mechanics
11. Evil Awaits
12. Coming Home

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

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