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Gigant Fest in St. Petersburg

Date: March 8, 2021  Place: Gigant Hall St. Petersburg, Russia

On World Women Day, March 8, in St. Peterburg a new concert hall was opened, named Gigant Hall. For this occasion, the promoters decided to make it the main festival of this spring. The Gigant Fest – “giant festival” – was lit up by the major idols of Russian youth.

This new concert place has big spacious lobbies, good light, a spacious hall and 4 bars. One minus and drawback for post-quarantine concerts is the need for masks and armchairs (yes, yes – rock concerts in armchairs).


The evening was opened by the St. Pete band Chocolate Cake (Шоколадный торт @choco_tort_band). The guys did not waste time on quarantine, they managed to get a contract with WildEnergy and also to stir up a large-scale tour of the country, which is planned to start as soon as April. It is worth saying that the band interacts well with the audience. And the soloist of the band, in the truest sense of the word, tested all metal structures by himself, performing various pirouettes on them. The full drive performance of the band definitely set the mood for the whole festival!

After on the stage entered The Father Stracksuit (Папин Олимпос @fatherstracksuit). The female part of the hall was waiting for them. And then everything did not go according to plan. The band’s lead singer, David, began to urge the audience to behave like punks and throw out the chairs. Despite the prohibitions of this “show” by the guards, the girls and boys followed the instructions, and the chairs flew in all 4 directions. Of course, the band can be understood, a rock concert on chairs is strange, but the organizers are also not to blame, as they are forced to follow the orders of the authorities.

After scandalous Olympos, the young St. Petersburg star Grechka (Гречка @grechkalu) entered the stage. Nastya’s speeches are always full of light positive energy and calmness. The audience sang along to familiar hits, was introduced to the tune of new ones to remember and peacefully settled on their chairs. On Giant Hall stage, Grechka presented tracks from the new album, released on March 12.

Closer to 21 o’clock the hall was filled to capacity. The headliners – Kis-Kis (Кис-Кис @kiskisnotdead) took the stage. The band’s music is standard pop-rock with punk rock elements and keyboard inclusions. The genre itself is far from new, taking into account the recent “Poshlaya Molly” (Пошлая Молли @dropbled) and many similar bands. Provocative, uncomplicated texts about unrequited love, absolutely uncensored and propaganda of eternal youth and carelessness. The studio recordings sound pretty good, the arrangements are great and the instruments are recorded and laid out well. The main thing of this band is the girls’ attractiveness. The girls work very well with the audience, they constantly make jokes, ask questions and answer questions from the audience, actively presenting their next track, warming up the people on the dance floor. In the middle of the performance, the vocalist Sonya climbed over the fences and went out into the hall, naturally provoking a crowd around her, to which by the end of the evening they no longer paid much attention.


Photos, Text Julia Andreeva


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