7 deadly sins: Silvio Massaro (Vanishing Point)

When offered reflections on the 7 deadly sins as bonus questions to our INTERVIEW, Silvio was enthusiastic, yet preferred to keep it short & sweet:

WOW BOUNUS QUESTIONS!! DO I win a Wood fire Pizza Oven?

Taking Pride in everything you do says a lot about a person.

The same could be said about Greed, but greed is usually me with POP Corn on a movie night.

I often say you will feel me Wrath to people who steal my POP Corn at movie night.

I totally have Envy with people who can play the Piano.. if I only had stuck with it.

yes well ….

Oh yes, me and a perfect Wood Fire Pizza

Glad to say that none of us in Vanishing Point are Sloths..  although in this lockdown I can see how most of us can fall into this category very easily.

Silvio Massaro ~ Just a human


photos: Vanishing Point/ photographer Peter Fundeis

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