Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

Label: AFM Records  Playing Time: 60 Min Release: 28.08.2020
2 pairs of ears, 2 opinions

Vanishing Point’s origin is Australia, which is not quite dominant in Heavy Metal. The band has been active since the 90s and they have played a couple of tours with very famous bands (e.g. Iron Maiden and Nightwish) and also at festivals like Wacken Open Air. Nevertheless, they didn’t have their big breakthrough yet. A reason for that might be their extreme release rhythm. Almost seven years have passed between the releases of their last album and this one. Quite a long time.

Listening to “Dead Elysium”, a second reason becomes obvious. At the very first glimpse everything is alright. There are good performances of the instrumentalists and the singer, there are multilayered orchestral arrangements and there is also a powerful and clear production. The title track, which also opens up the album, has a good chorus and is very catchy. But afterwards, there is not much following. In terms of quantity yes, but not in terms of quality. This means that there are no more highlights, just average stuff. You could call it metallic elevator music. Quite nice, but not catchy, overwhelming or surprising.

To be quite honest, “Dead Elysium” is the first album of the band which I listen to in its entirety. So the basis for my following thesis is not very strong. Nevertheless, I guess that Vanishing Point’s status in the Metal scene has not only to do with their release rhythm, but also with the quality of their songs. At least that’s my judgement for “Dead Elysium”: well done, but a lack of highlights. 6,5 (Timo)


I have been looking forward to the new CD of Vanishing Point – I’m a fan of this band and their catchy songs, crowned by the vocals of Silvio Massaro. His voice alone is unique and memorable … That’s why I cannot agree with my colleague’s opinion. The powerful opener and title track is followed by equally powerful song material – “Count Your Days”, “To The Wolves” and “Free” both giving you chills with their intro alone, the great duet in “Recreate The Impossible” and “Salvus”, a Symphonic Metal hymn with Pop appeal, contrasting with an almost brutal “Shadow World” … I cannot pick one single hit because there are so many of them on the album. I have the same problem with e.g. Rainbow “Down To Earth” or Evergrey “The Atlantic” – the album as a whole is a hit. I would move in permanently into an elevator playing Vanishing Point … in my opinion 8,5, minimum. (Klaudia)

rating average:

  • 7.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7.5/10

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