Julian Lehmann – Witchery

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Julian Lehmann is a young, aspiring Swiss musician, who, with “Witchery”, released his very first record. All compositions, the whole production, the mix and mastering of the album was done by himself. For all fans of soundtracks, this pure instrumental album is the perfect setting to come up with a fantasy movie of their own. The 12 songs bring together folk, mediaeval, Celtic and metal elements, creating an album with a lot of diversity that would fit perfectly to tv series like Vikings or Game of Thrones. Almost all instruments are played/programmed by Lehmann; only the lead violin in most songs was played by his father Markus Lehmann, a master violinist. Manuel Meinen did the guitar solos on “Witchery” and “Siegfried’s Song” as well as the acoustic guitar on “Enchantress”. Gabriela Schmidt contributed the cello on “Klabautermann” and “Enchantress”.

As a singer, I’m normally not a huge fan of instrumental songs but in this case, it’s different. The songs speak to me, even though there are no lyrics to express feelings and emotions. Personally, I like “Way to Victory” most. Although it’s one of the shorter pieces, I immediately see a picture in my mind and this is the most important thing for me when it comes to music.

In any case, “Witchery” offers music for every frame of mind: misery, anger, happiness and aggression. This is a great debut album and a very brave step to go for something instrumental at the beginning of a career. But who knows, maybe one day we will read the name Julian Lehmann in the credits of a big Hollywood blockbuster.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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