The Hu, Fire from the Gods @ Komplex 457

31.01.2020 @ Komplex 457, Zürich, Switzerland

It’s great when you get a day off and can watch a show you have been looking for since last summer when The Hu played the last time in Zurich (see  our report)

Back then it was a smaller club and an insider tip, this time it’s the much bigger Komplex 457 which has room for about 1500 people (closed gallery). Although the show was supposed to be sold out, it does not feel as claustrophobic as last time at the Moods.

What was missing the last time was a support act, tonight it is Fire from the Gods from Texas who open the show punctually at 20:00 h with a lot of power. Their Metalcore does not quite fit the sound of The Hu, but singer AJ Channer and his crew get the Metal people in the crowd going with their energy and action on stage. Guitarist Jameson Teat remains calm while Drew Walker (git) and Bonner Baker (b) present their moves and AJ his jumping skills – a real eye catcher. Drummer Richard Wicander surprises speaking German and revealing he’s the only German in this US act. And because the sold out shows with The Hu everywhere, the first EU tour of Fire from the Gods will probably not be their last one.

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The change-over is quite fast and THE HU should have started by 21.00 h but only a minute past 9 the audience expresses impatience – obviously most of the people at this show are not familiar with a normal concert situation and have no tolerance for slight delays. Around 21.15 h it’s lights off spots on, the audience chants «Hu, Hu, Hu» chants and you can spot some Mongolian flags – it’s nice that the local Mongolian community supports this band too. The Hu open with «Shoog Shoog» and Komplex Club goes from 0 to 100. In comparison to the last time the band seems a bit tired, not as excited about audience reactions, maybe because touring for 12 months non-stop is physically and mentally draining. Yet you still feel the passion they have for their music, and especially Jaya is going wild on stage. Naturally the crowd enjoys the  Youtube hits «Yuve Yuve Yu» and « Wolf Totem» the most. After 90 min The Hu leave the stage but return for an encore – once again «Wolf Totem». The Hu are simply a special concert experience and something new.

Another observation: With a band like The Hu there should be better ideas for merchandise than the usual shirt – hoodie – cap thing, even I could help out with some! The band will return in summer for festivals, e.g. the Swiss Greenfield Festival 11.-13.6.2020 in Interlaken.

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author: Sandy Mahrer & guest author, Photos: Sandy Mahrer

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