Turilli / Lione Rhapsody in Helsinki

26.9.2019 The Circus, Helsinki, Finland

Rhapsody! Turilli! Lione! Three reasons not to miss this show – and I assume that at least one of those names rings a bell… and in case it does not – find out what you missed!

Admittedly I had expected a practically overflowing club – that was not quite the case, but The Circus was nicely filled with Symphonic / Power Metal fans who enjoyed the fact that on this Thursday the band started early and there won’t be too much hassle for workers next day… The spirits were high right from the start, first because the band has not been seen on Finnish soil for a while, and then the new album released in July:  “Zero Gravity – Rebirth and Evolution”. Naturally the program highlighted the new material, but there were plenty of hits from the past, as front man Fabio Lione pointed out, “we tried to please everybody” (see pic). And in case someone considers this a short set list – well, the songs are between 6-10 min which means an almost 2h program…

And in a classic virtuoso line-up, everybody got a chance to shine in a short solo performance, e.g. some Opera vocals – and later the audience was invited to sing along too. Well, on the skill level of music/composition students, Mr. Lione obviously enjoyed trolling the fans a bit. But what a surprise, most of the audience actually managed to follow those pretty complex melody patterns, well, mostly. Luckily the official sing-along-part turned out to be the classic “oooh” on a “even drunks manage to do that” level. Maybe I need to mention here that there were plenty of vocally skilled fans present who obviously even knew every line of every song – and less likely to spot drunks in a Thursday crowd….

Well, what else to say? Excellent song material, bombastic melodies, a passionate front man with a big voice, a great show, entertaining announcements including a slight Italian accent and a special memento moment for Christopher Lee – so don’t miss those guys when they drop by in your town on their Zero Gravity Tour!


Klaudia Weber

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