Bullet for my Valentine / Silent Circus @ Z7, Pratteln

21.08.2019 Konzertfabrik Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland

Driving to Z7 it seems we picked the wrong day, hardly any traffic on a Wednesday evening. And who could guess that those few people at the club entrance when doors opened at 19h would become an enthusiastic crowd of 1100 later.

Silent Circus from Switzerland open this concert evening and start the party right away. Singer Pit and his guys please the audience with their Modern Metal featuring growls and clean vocals. the spirits are high, despite the fact that the sound mix was less than perfect, way too much Bass ruined the sound quality.

During the changeover the hall fills up and people cheer when they spot someone of Bullet For My Valentine during the line check on stage. When the first notes of  «Don’t Need You» open the show, the crowd freaks out and should remain highly enthusiastic throughout the gig. Those guys from Wales around singer Matthew Tuck do not provide a spectacle on stage yet impress with their song material. Bassist Jamie Mathias and guitarist Michael Paget provide the action on stage, and Jamie Mathias taking on some parts of the vocals could basically take over the main vocals too. For me it is the first time that I see this band live, and I have to say that  Bullet For My Valentine live are a blast. Despite the quite commercial sound, they are simply fun to watch. The audience seems to know every line of every song and sings along and people are even into those games of kneeling down, jumping up and the like. And there is even a small mosh pit. Many should be disappointed, however, that this show only lasted for 75 min – a high quality show with an excellent set list.

Great entertainment for a Wednesday evening, absolutely worth it to be a bit tired next day at work.

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