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Findustry Winterball 2015

13.-14.2.2015 Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki, FIN

Friday 13th (February), a perfect date for another Metal/Industrial/EBM event – something the Findustry organizers don´t need an invitation for. As usual the choice of bands left nothing to wish for and therefore lured a lot of party people into the club. Moreover, the DJs Kryotechnik, Afro, Freak and MG provided extra kicks for the people on the dance floor (and were partly responsible for someone like me to stay longer than planned…)

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WHORION provided an impressive mix of Melodic Death and symphonic elements, even some Black Metal blast beats in between. It seems this band has already gathered a following, as the pit filled up quickly.

KHROMA however had the crowd keep a certain safe distance from the stage – who knows what can happen during such an explosive-excessive-intensive and once again fantastic show… Therefore I rather recommend to consult the PHOTO GALLERY (link in the top section) or with the latest Collapse video (

The name TUONI did not quite ring a bell, but clean singer Ansku surely was a familiar face (e.g. Entwine), yet in a slightly unfamiliar context (Metalcore / Nu-Metal), at least for me … The question, if a band playing after Khroma could manage to match their intensity could easily be answered within the first few riffs – YES. Those guys from Lahti even provided some ear candy, e.g. Kuolonpyörä (video here: .

ASSEMBLE THE CHARIOTS continued the string of intense live experience, adding a Grind element to it – and even inspired a mosh pit. Singer Kristo´s growls had an earth shaking quality to it, as well as his facial expressions. His comment on the early hours of this year´s Valentine´s day (celebrated as “friendship day” in Finland) was priceless: “get a drink, find friends, get laid!”

Saturday February 14

The second festival day – another perfect reason to party – was opened by KUROSHIO – the solo project of aQi, with E-110 and K-109 a live-assault-team, offering classical EBM sounds that occasionally reminded me of Lacrimosa. Unfortunately the party crowd dropped in later than the day before, therefore not so many people filled the dance floor.

This situation changed by the time NEVERDICE got on stage, and because this band has not played any gigs in 5 years, the crowd reacted very enthusiastically. Also here the sound scape was shaped around EBM, which got “pimped up” a lot when Pasi changed to the violin as string instrument.

BLIND CHANNEL continued the intensity trend from the day before – hell, they should sell their NuMetal stuff in pharmacies as stimulant… Just imagine those guys and Lost Society (who had actually dropped by as party guests the day before) in one gig, nobody in the audience would be able to sleep for 3 weeks… The BC sound was still to close to their US inspiration for my taste, and some choruses maybe a bit too simple, but nevertheless you should keep an eye (and ear) on this band.

Do I really need to mention again how intense and inspiring a FEAR OF DOMINATION show is? Therefore just like in the case of Khroma I rather recommend to check out the PHOTO GALLERY (link in the top section). The guys – and the girl, namely special guest Helena Haaparanta – had the audience go nuts and could not be allowed to leave before playing a couple of encores… a great finale to another great Findustry event.


photos: K. Weber
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