Traumer – History

Label: ROAR!  Playing Time: 61 Min  Release: 05th July 2019


Traumer are a Brazilian band which has been active since 2009. Recently they have released their 3rd full length album called “History”. In Europe the band is still quite unknown, but they had already some achievements in Japan. Concerning “History”: The third album of the band was originally released a year ago, but not in Europe. Now Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR!) took the band under contract and re-released the album worldwide.

But what can the listener expect? Traumer play some sort of Power Metal that sounds – due to the keyboards and vocalist Guilherme Hirose – like a blend of Stratovarius and Angra. Most interestingly, not only the sound has some parallels to Stratovarius, the album was also mastered in the Finnish Finnvox studios. So there should be no doubt that there is nothing to complain about the sound.

Concerning the songs themselves, my summary is so-so. The title track, which is also the opener, is very well done. It has a good riffing and the melodies and the chorus are catchy. Songs like ‘Guardians Of Time, ‘Turn Back The Night’ and ‘Thousand Tears’ are also quite good, although they cannot keep the level of the title track. But all the rest (seven songs!) is just average. Not really bad, especially because they are performed very well, but no highlights at all either. Just average, as I said. A pity because the potential of the band is obvious.

  • 6/10
    Bewertung / rating - 6/10

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