Alien Weaponry – Tü

Label: Napalm Records (Universal Music)   released June 1, 2018

Isn’t it great that after so many years in “the biz” and thousands of records I listened to, there’re still bands simply blowing you away… Admittedly it was only via SoMe and a video (below) that I noticed Alien Weaponry and – but better a bit late than never … Because not only the music is remarkable – massive Thrash Metal with some NuMetal / Hardcore elements – but also the whole package. First, the band comes from New Zealand, 2. they are still teenagers and had started playing only 8 years old, 3. most of their songs are in Te Reo language as at least 2 of the 3 band members are Māori.

And it’s their tradition of Haka – which became known world-wide through the New Zealand football team – that works quite well with Thrash riffing (plus, this machine-gun-fire of hard consonants seems a bit related to Finnish…)   You begin to wonder why it took so long until someone came up with the idea of combining Haka and Metal. And even when the song language is English, the guys keep the rhythm and attitude of their native language – which makes the album as a whole a genuine masterpiece. Alien Weaponry unleash fireworks of Metal ear candy, following in the footsteps of Metallica and Megadeth with catchy riffs and the raw, earthy, “feral” quality of a Sepultura-Roots album –  and is still absolutely genuine and unique. And so infectious – my living room turned into a one-woman-moshpit…

The lyrics are above average as well (those in  Te Reo Māori get translated in the booklet). Guitarist / singer Lewis de Jong (15), his brother and drummer Henry (17) and bassist Ethan Trembath (15) deal with New Zealand’s history from the Māori perspective. Besides a number of legendary bloodshed there’s also plenty of contemporary racism, indeginous people being treated as (unwelcome) guests in their own country (a phenomenon that also Finnish Sami people know all too well, by the way… ) 

In other words, this CD is a must-have. Remember the band name, this is definitely “the next big thing”. And maybe start learning Te Reo choruses and Haka-poses… And how about inviting this band to the next Tuska festival??

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

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