Arch Enemy – Covered In Blood

Label: Century Media  Playing Time: 71 Min  Release: 18th January 2019


In the past years, Arch Enemy have become one of the  leading and most influential bands in Melodic Death Metal. Not even having the two lead singers Johann Live and Angela Gossow quit has caused the band any harm. For some time  Arch Enemy have also been among those bands in the Metal scene who do enjoy to play cover songs. Now, as a service to their fans, they release a compilation containing all of their cover songs so far. The album contains songs from classic Metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to nasty Punk stuff and also some Pop. All songs were treated in the typical Arch Enemy style, so it is very difficult to identify the original artist (if you don’t know them by coincidence). Even a song like ‘Breaking The Law’, I guess the most covered song in Heavy Metal history, sounds much different than the original. The songs, which are sorted more or less thematically, but not always chronologically, show the development of the band from their Jurassic era as a rough Death Metal band with some punk vibes to a leading Heavy Metal band with a bombastic sound wall. So this one is very nice for all fans, but only if you don’t already own all the cover tracks published on previous releases.

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

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