Korpiklaani, Trollfest, Profane Omen, Waltari @ Nosturi

25.1.2019, Nosturi club, Helsinki, Finland   – PHOTOS HERE

There’s no question that one of those bands alone would have drawn a crowd, but even more all of those together, and as the opening of a whole tour… The event website recommended to arrive early not to miss the first band while waiting in a queue. Would have been too bad on this evening.

As many people followed this advice, too, WALTARI faced a nice crowd that willingly succumbed to the invitation to rock along and/or to dance. The set list featured a trip through the band history, from Joik to Rock/Metal with growls to Disco feeling – e.g. Walkin’ in the Neon, A Sign, Helsinki, Dedicated to the Flyers, So Fine and Atmosfear. This band is always fun!

PROFANE OMEN surprised me first with some new kind of merchandise, shower mats …

The real surprise followed when proper stage light went on after the opening tracks – and revealed that the man on the mike was NOT Jules Näveri. Tommi Tuovinen (MyGrain, Ex-Oceanhoarse) came in as replacement for Jules who could not participate in those gigs with Korpiklaani in Finland.

Tommi did an awesome job as he can sing clean and rough as well – there was not so much space for showcasing his clean vocal ability so much with his other bands, though. The versatile PO song material gave him every chance to shine, e.g. Wastehead, White Noise, They Came, Make it Count, Warboy, Disconnected, Bound to Strive, Aftersound, Painbox. Another band which is always fun to watch, and naturally they got the constantly growing crowd into the mood. It became clear that many preferred to come later just for the headliners…



For Norwegian TROLLFEST it was the first time in Finland ever. As I prefer to be surprised by bands I have not heard of before, I had no idea what was coming – which was total chaos! seven hyperactive Disney-princesses plus their king (on mic and percussion), balloons, LED lit guitars and saxophones – well, simply the most appealing Trolls I have seen on a stage in a long time… They butchered Britney Spears’ “Toxic” in their Humppa-Kletzmer style and found that there was still not enough going on in the audience: “Give me some goddamn chaos!” One of the musicians joined the audience to inspire some dancing, another one went crowd surfing – well, it seemed that it would be a bit difficult for the following band to top that…

Setlist: Fjøsnissens Fjaseri, Kjettaren mot strømmen, Brakebein, Toxic, Illsint, Steel Sarah, Kaptein Kaos, Byttingenes Byttehandel, Professor Otto, Deildegasten, Solskinnsmedisin, Der Jegermeister, Espen Bin Askeladden, Helvetes Hunden Garm

KORPIKLAANI had not put on girlie clothes as well that night – and it was not necessary to have the crowd go nuts right from the first notes. And to keep the good mood for the whole show! For their gigs in Finland on this  Kulkija-Tour they did provide something special, though. After about half of the program, musicians of the Sinfonia Lahti Vaskiorkesteri joined them on stage. And I can just confirm that some brass ensemble does fit nicely to the music of  Korpiklaani. The audience enjoyed this bonus performance as well and did not get tired to cheer the band – and to demand some songs they still want to hear, usually those had something to do with beverages. Well, there was plenty of those songs, and of course beverages as such, too…

Setlist e.g. Neito, Korpikuusen kyynel, Aallon Alla, Erämaan Ärjyt, Viinamäen mies, Juomamaa, Kallon malja, Pellervoinen, Sahti, Sillanrakentaja, Wooden Pints, Beer Beer; mit Bläsern: Harmaja, Kotikonnut, Metsämies, Lempo, Kultanainen, Tequila, Vodka

The Korpiklaani tour continues in Finland this week with Profane Omen as support *. The Europe-tour with Trollfest and Turisas starts toward the end of February (Infos HERE) – and I can only recommend not to miss this package of crazy Finns and even crazier Norwegian princesses!

* 31.1.2019 Jyväskylä, Lutakko; 1.2.2019 Lahti, Finlandia-klubi; 2.2.2019 Turku, Apollo; 7.2.2019 Kuopio, Henry’s Pub; 8.2.2019 Oulu, Hevimesta; 9.2.2019 Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo

MORE PHOTOS HERE – photos: K. Weber

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