Amorphis @ The Circus

25.4.2013, Helsinki

Today, Amorphis is back in the Finnish capital to promote the latest album “Circle”. The venue is actually pretty packed tonight although the band played in Helsinki not so long ago (last December). However, the set-list was to be different for tonight´s show, since “Circle” was released between these two shows. It seems like fans wanted to see what those songs could give live.

I am first a bit disappointed by the stage setting, which is not the most impressive that the band had ever put. On stage there is just a mere backdrop which reads “Amorphis”. I expected to see the cover of “Circle”, but the band will probably bring that backdrop along for their upcoming European tour. As for the new songs, they work pretty well live, since they set a dark atmosphere particularly accurate. The sound is very clear, which makes is very easy for the audience to enjoy and recognize the new songs.

Despite the fact Tomi Joutsen is hidden behind his dreadlocks or behind his microphone most of the time, his enthusiasm is still noticeable on his face. I´m always amazed at his stage presence and at such charisma. He is very energetic, as usual, and his vocals are remarkable tonight, especially the growling parts. I must remark the band isn´t on tour and you could really tell the whole band was well-rested and not tired at all .

Co-founder of the band and guitar player Esa Holopainen is focused on his playing. It´s not surprising seeing the impressive range of pedals facing him. He´s got a laid-back attitude and he keeps on smiling all the time, which actually stands in contrast with the attitude of Tomi Joutsen, who is a bit more distant. The leader moves a lot too, going from one side of the stage to the other, furiously headbanging as the music goes on… whereas the other musicians don´t move that much and they remain on their “given” spot on stage most of the time.

The band is happy to play the new songs in the capital tonight. Some fans fans might have been a bit disappointed by the set-list… but it was predictable that there won´t be oldies, since the show was aimed at promoting the band´s latest CD “Circle”. After this home warm up show, Tomi Joutsen and his mates are motivated and now ready to introduce their new songs to the European crowds.

Marine Crepiat

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