Frankley Everlong – Till the dance do us part

Label: Eclipse Records, Vö/Release: 18.01.2019

Released in 2014 all by themselves, “Songs for the broken” was Frankley Everlong’s first great album. Already back then, the young Swedish band, hailing from Kalmar, impressed with their very own Disco-Punk-Rock sound. Catchy beats, memorable lyrics and their congenial manners are the band’s assets. Listening to just one of their songs, will make you immediately addicted and it’s almost impossible to sit still for too long.

For their new album “Till the dance do us part”, the guys got a record deal with the US indie-label Eclipse Records. I think that indeed their music fits very well to the US because some elements remind of bands, such as Green Day, Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. But if you ask me, Frankley Everlong have way more depths and harmonies in their songs. For instance, “Till the dance do us part” or “Endless infinity” sound like feel-good songs when you listen to them for the first time – they spread happiness and make your worries disappear. But if you pay more attention to the lyrics, you notice that they address very serious topics. They are about love, good and bad relationships but also about bullying. Nevertheless, they present these topics with music that, first and foremost, sounds like fun and boundless optimism – I like that mix a lot.

The slower “Broken heart surgery” and “September” showcase the quieter side of Frankley Everlong. Tommy Carlsson has just the right voice for the sound, adapting his vocal styles to each and every song. Also his crew members Niklas Petersson on bass and Olof Måhlgren did a great job and together, they make this band so special. “Till the dance do us part” is an album that will not get boring, there is always something new to discover. It couldn’t be any more diverse but still true to their very own style.

Check out our interview with the band from 2014 here.

  • 9/10
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