Evergrey – The Atlantic

Label: AFM Records    Release: 25 January 2019

It’s really difficult not to get carried away reviewing this!  Savatage meets Dream Theater meets Iced Earth meets Avantasia (with Jorn) and Nightwish (with Marco Hietala) …. heavy, epic, catchy, a lot of variety, beautiful, only after the first song I had to hit “repeat”, you’ll literally cry tears of joy …. over ballad-like stuff (All I Have) as well as the hard&heavy, more gloomy tunes (A Secret Atlantis), or goose-flesh even at the intro, before the song actually begins (The Beacon)… and when the CD is played through “whaaaaat it’s over – whyyy – way too short with 54 min – again”! Well, as you can already guess, the verdict will be – this one is a must-have.

I hate to admit this but I have heard a lot about this band but hardly actually FROM them … big mistake. Because since 1993 this Swedish group surrounding front man/songwriter Tom S.
Englund has been synonymous with technically and compositionally outstanding standards, combined with high-class lyrics and messages. Their latest album release The Atlantic sees the five band members Englund, Henrik Danhage (guitar), Johan Niemann (bass), Jonas Ekdahl (drums) and Rikard Zander (keyboards) presenting the third part of their Hymns For The Broken trilogy about the adventure of life (after 2014 Hymns For The Broken, 2016 The Storm Within). Englund: “Life is like a journey across the ocean, on the way to distant shores.” In line with the programmatic album title The Atlantic, the Greek artist Giannis Nakos (Oceans Of Slumber and Hades Rising) created its expressive cover artwork.

Or let’s try to explain it like this: Evergrey “The Atlantic” is the musical equivalent to a box of chocolates, where every single candy offers excellent smooth chocolate but also a variety of sophisticated and delicious treats, and despite the complexity and rich content it’s still easy to digest.

However, you have to find out via self-experiment whether you can replace the pleasure of chocolate consumption with Evergrey  🙂

Evergrey  tour dates   08.03.2019 – NL – Nijmegen | 09.03.2019 – NL – Amsterdam | 10.03.2019 – NL – Antwerp | 12.03.2019 – FR – Mulhouse | 13.03.2019 – CH – Monthey | 15.03.2019 – DE – Bochum | 16.03.2019 – CH – Zürich | 18.03.2019 – DE – Nuremberg |19.03.2019 – DE – Bremen | 21.03.2019 – UK – Manchester | 22.03.2019 – UK – Birmingham

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