Hell Boulevard: Inferno

Release: 28.09.2016 Label: none

Some of you will surely be familiar with the name, Matteo Fabbiani. Hell Boulevard is his new band after the Swiss band, Lost Area, (Interview with Stalker) broke up in 2013. In the meantime, vDiva as Matteo likes to call himself, worked together with his former Lost Area colleague, Von Marengo and the musicians and Dee Dammers, to form this new band and release the debut album “Inferno”.

The songs very strongly remind of Lost Area and other bands, such as Lord of the Lost. The latter comes as no surprise, considering the fact that LOTL’s Chris Harms mastered the album. And Mr. Harms even appears as a guest vocalist with the song “Freak Parade”. It’s not so bad that the music is so similar to other bands because the lyrics and music as such is good: the songs are catchy and very well-arranged, melodious and have a very good beat. On top of it, you have that great deep voice. Here and there, they could have worked a bit more on their pronunciation or write an Italian song. This would’ve been something totally new and I also think that vDiva is able to do so much more with his voice.

It’s not like Hell Boulevard re-invented the wheel but still, the fifteen songs are very good, have mostly nice lyrics, the melodies and beats are catchy and if the band exists a bit longer than Matteo’s other projects, I am quite sure that we will also see them on the big festivals sooner or later. It’s a good start for the band but now they must keep it up!

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

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