Lucy Four – Burn in Paradise

Label: none, Vö/Release: 29.12.2018

Lucy Four stands for real music, not for something fake or something forced together – it’s music just as it was supposed to be: creative and raw with no frills attached. The sound could be described as 70s Rock with progressive elements but also with a more modern twist. However, quite as long as the band info states (30 years), the guys do not play the stages of the world. At least not with current singer Pascal Tallarico, who turned 30 not that long ago. Or, did someone put him on stage in diapers? That’s quite imaginable when watching him going wild at live shows. I’ve heard Tallarico in a few other bands and just as with Lucy Four, he has done a great job everywhere. Somehow he always manages to find the right vocals for each and every song.

Listening to the album, I constantly feel like going back in time, when Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard were at their zenith. The rock ballad “Just a smile” intensifies this feeling. It’s an excellent song, which could have easily been written by one of these two bands. All the songs shine with their simpleness, their great grooves with catchy choruses and lo-fi guitar riffs and solos, which are a perfect fit, without sounding too chaotic. My favourite is “Do it again” – a fast-paced good-mood song. You can check out the title track “Burn in paradise” on video.

Together with Rey Misterio on guitar, Kudi Heeg on bass, Pidi Criscoula on drums and producer Reto Peter, Tallarico created an excellent debut album, which lets you listen to music the way it was supposed to be – pure and real.


  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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